Vegan Camp Todo

Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 06/18/2017 - 02:44

Prio 1

Prio 2

  • Harvest coconuts.
    • Insipriation:
  • Build a dirt oven.
  • Make a compost toilet.
    • Make a toilet tower out of mud (earht buildings) like in the Pranya project.

Prio 3

  • Change the installation of the washing machine.
  • Make new web site, great graphics, amazing content and mission statement.
    • Include heart with save our planet save our s.e.a.l.s. (sea air and land services) in logo.
  • Research more in water filters.
  • Drill for water.
  • Find plastic digesting fungi and more info about it.

Wish List

Garden fork, shovel, gloves, screws, drills, glass jars, buckets, mosquito nets.

Information for supporters and volunteers

  • How plants work (What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary)):
  • Intro to permaculture:


  • Make the current guest toilet smell less during use.
  • Install simple water filter for drinking water. Currently a three step filter system, but no reverse osmosis (RO) or anything fancy bacterial zapper.