Vegan Camp Todo

Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 06/18/2017 - 02:44

Prio 1

  • Fix roof.

    • Status:

      • Fix random leaks marked with black tape.
    • Done:
      • Main area is also quite healthy except the top parts. Fix a ladder to have a platform, then climb. Eventually remove the lowest roof plate if possible, to have extra safety. Remember, safety first!
      • Change short screws to longer ones.
      • Bathroom area finished, except missing semi long screw at the washing machine side.
  • Check house supporting poles for powder post beetle attack.
  • Fix fence - plant trees and cassava to support.
  • Collect rice straw, rice husk, and other organic material for mulching and composting.
    • Make an easy bike trailer hitch for the big blue trailer.
  • Find more stone and make paths for urinating areas.
  • Irrigation - water system.
  • fix bamboo house - buy bamboo.
  • Build Swales-and-swale-systems
    • Dig swales everywhere.
  • Bring as much organic material to the land as possible - for example straw, bamboo leaves, corn husk, rice husk etc.
  • Plant trees and plants
  • Create organic matter (cutting down branches) = pruning!
  • Food supply
    • Find a good rice supplier: Auchalee rice: 093-3050263
    • Wheat and whole wheat flour suppliers.
  • Find more firewood.

Prio 2

    • fix pizza oven.

    • Make bamboo instruments.
    • Harvest coconuts.
      • Inspiration:
    • Build a earth oven (maybe add some sand, clay, and rice husk... clay bricks too?).
    • Make a compost toilet.
      • Make a toilet tower out of mud (earht buildings) like in the Pranya project.

    Prio 3

    • Change the installation of the washing machine.
    • Research more in water filters.
    • Find plastic digesting fungi and more info about it.
    • Drill for water.

    Wish List

    Garden fork, gloves, screws, glass jars with or without lids like these, buckets.

    Information for supporters and volunteers

    • How plants work (What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary)):

    • Intro to permaculture:
    • Primitive Technology.


    • Fix tent pole.

      • Bought a small piece of pipe.
    • Fix grounding.
      • Fixed by technician, who tightened the screws.
      • Dug up the grounding cable and it looks solid. I will need to check the main power board. Maybe the grounding is working, my microphone is just sensitive?
    • Fix ventilator/fan (red) dog destroyed the cable.
    • Mosquito nets acquired.
    • created.
      • Make new web site.
    • Cassava planted.
    • Leaves Collected.
      • Get leaves from the temple Wat Luang Gau.
    • Make the current guest toilet smell less during use.
    • Install simple water filter for drinking water. Currently a three step filter system, but no reverse osmosis (RO) or anything fancy bacterial zapper.