Lek & Greg Vegan Camp Services are limited in the period between 1st of July 2018 until and including 31st of July 2018.

You are always welcome to camp in the area and please provide a small donation to cover the costs for water, water filters, and general maintenance.



  • Tent

    • Stay as many nights as you want for 100 baht per night per person in your own tent (100 baht extra per night for one of our tents including pillows, blankets etc.).
  • Bamboo Hut (2 persons)
    • Small 550 bath per night.
    • Big 750 baht per night.

The money goes to water, electricity, internet connection, planting more trees, buying tools and evolving the vegan camp.

Contact us if you want to stay long term or want to volunteer.

You can buy food at the camp, free filtered temple well water and a shared bathroom you can use.

Tent instructions.