The Vegan Camp Thailand

Welcome to the vegan camp. We strive to grow as much organic food as possible.

Lek & Greg started the vegan camp (vegan retreat, vegan farm stay, vegan home stay, vegan restaurant, vegan garden) project early 2017 in Li (Lee) Lamphun, Thailand. Li also known as Lee is located 130 km south from Chiang Mai. You can reach Li by car, by bus, or by one of the many blue and white taxi services. The cheapest and maybe easiet way is to take the bus, which takes 3 hours from Chiang Mai to Li. Currently (2017-02-14) the cost ist 70 baht per person and 100 baht for your bicycle (road bike).

We are growing durian, tomatoes, bamboo, bananas (cavendish, apple banana, and some other varieties), leafy greens, water spinach known in Thailand as morning glory, lemon grass, cassava, green pepper, peanuts, galangal root, guava, chillies, aloe vera, longan, passion fruit, avoacado, mangoes, squash (pumpkin), cucumbers, Thai cale, dragon fruit, climbing wattle (cha-om), date palms, papaya, jackfruit, ginger, pineapple, sweet potato, Thai herbs, and many other cool plants. We are also trying to sprout washing nuts and flax seeds.

Li is away from the tourist area and very crowded and noisy tourist city. We provide shelter and comfortable stay for anyone who would like to experience veganism and many of the other things you can experience here in the vegan camp. This is a family friendly concept for people who want to get healthy and enjoy life. We try to practice a slow life, but are currently busy with all the new stuff here.

We have high speed fiber internet, which is perfect for digital nomads and youtubers. Check out my youtube channel Plant Sugar and our facebook page: Lek & Greg Vegan Camp. You can read more about me on my website

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We love plants and the garden.

Vegan Orchard

Vegan Thai food is delicious.

Nice vegan pumpkin curry in a old style Thai wok.

Come and share some amazing momements with us.

Sun goes down behind the mountains, and the rice fields are thriving.

Cycling is great in Thailand.

Cycling together in Thailand - Lek & Greg Vegan Camp










It's a vegan camp which means that edible products from animals are not allowed. This includes honey.

vegan signs

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